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hire a midget stripper, dwarfs for hire, 516-244-7045

hire a midget stripper, dwarfs for hire, 516-244-7045


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Hunks & Babes has male midget strippers and female midget strippers (little person strippers) available for hire. Reserve Online Now!

Browse & Book Our Professional Midget Strippers in any city!

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Are you ready for the RAREST & MOST AWESOME entertainment possible? Looking for a famous midget stripper? We got you  for your private party.

Our little person strippers were previously only available to corporate events and celebrity/pro athlete parties. Now anyone can experience the extraordinary performances of our little people dancers.

Simply select any one of our best midget strippers below. Then book your favorite. The total includes airline tickets to fly your midget dancer out to your location.

Here is what you get with our midget strippers

Your midget stripper arrives with everything they need to provide you with a full experience. They arrive with music, costumes, and a fully choreographed strip routine.

Moreover, each little entertainer makes sure you and your guests have fun. How much fun? See for yourself:

Female Midget Strippers for Hire

Hunks & Babes offers you some of the most famous female midget strippers (aka little person dancers) around.

Male Midget Strippers for Hire

Hunks & Babes has the best male midget strippers in the United States including Georgio, Christoph and others.

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