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Dwarf Trump For Hire

Hire Americas original midget trump/ mini trump for hire

Dwarf Trump For Hire

Hire Americas original midget trump/ mini trump for hire



This is dwarf entertainment at its finest, perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties and all types of corporate events. Are you looking to hire entertainment for the holidays? We offer the best little person talent in the industry.

Hire a midgets We offer hundreds of other themes for your special event.

DwarfDash offers you the best in midget entertainment with our Midgets for Hire. Our little people are reliable, courteous, talented, and most importantly, entertaining.

All of our midgets are professionally trained actors and are not simply hired off the street. Our little people have been trained to interact well with your audience and guests, and Characters for Hire ℠ can even help you with brainstorming ideas for your perfect event!

DwarfDash helps in booking midgets for more than 50 cities worldwide. Once you book your Midgets for Hire, you’ll be all set with your event.

We’ll contact you at least a week before your event to confirm your details to make sure your event goes spectacularly and without a hitch.

We have the largest staff of little people available, with numerous talents and skills. Every Midget for Hire event we do is very respectful to our talent. As a reliable and trusted entertainment company, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with premium entertainment.

  • Photo opportunities.
  • Corporate promotional events. We can provide dwarf actors for your dwarf entertainment.
  • We offer midget wrestlers, midget on-camera talent, and elves for your promotional marketing or regional TV commercials.
  • Retirement parties.
  • Are you tired of the same old wrestling matches you see on TV? Hire our little people for the ultimate professional wrestling events of all time! These little fighters will go head-to-head as they provide wrestling entertainment for you and your guests
  • Bring your Christmas party to life with Santa’s elves.
  • Patty’s Day can bring you lots of luck, so why not rent a leprechaun for hire?
  • Are you looking to propose to your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day? Invite Cupid to pop the big question!
  • Celebrate America’s birthday this 4th of July with any one of our little people actors.

How amazing would it be if a little person helped you to propose to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day as Cupid? How about delivering that special message to your sweetheart on their birthday?

If you’re looking for something different than your everyday male dancer, how about inviting a midget dancer to spend all night with your guests as you celebrate your special occasion?

Our midget actors can perform as midget wrestlers as well! We’ll give you all the action and excitement you find in professional wrestling, but only more entertaining.

Want to play a practical joke on your boss or co-worker? No worries, we can create something tasteful with our dwarf actors that will not get you in trouble.

Attention private and corporate party planners! We have the best midget entertainers and performers for rent out there. Your next photo shoot will not be your best without hiring our midget models to promote your client’s products.

Dwarf models can also become part of your catering staff at your next corporate event.

We don’t just connect you with dwarf talent — we bring them to you directly. No matter what you call it, midget talent, dwarf entertainment, or just plain little person entertainment, we’ve got them all for your next planned events

Knowing how important your event is to you is just as important to us. That’s why we guarantee our events will be more than just exciting; they’ll also create memories for a lifetime. Call DwarfDash to start planning your entertainment today!

Though frequently seen as a comedy gimmick, “midget wrestlers” can bring all the action, all the drama, and all the excitement of pro wrestling to your event, in remarkably small packages!

Professional Midget Wrestling shows with Midgets (dwarfs, dwarves, little people) are a  in the United States and Mexico as la Lucha libre. These pint-sized powerhouses rocket around the ring with all the athleticism of their full-sized counterparts.

Want pure authentic wrestling for your Cinco de mayo event? Book Los luchadores Mexicanos pint-size wrestlers for your corporate or private event.


Whether presenting themselves as “micro” versions of well-known wrestling personalities or in their own, original personas, the mighty mites of DawrfDash are experienced and skilled professionals.

Our midget wrestling company features spectacular stunts, intense drama, and humorous antics that will take your event to the next level of excitement and outrageousness in sports entertainment. Ask about our midget trump vs midget joe

When you have seen a little person wrestling show at special events, trade shows or corporate events, you have seen a show like no other! Their size may be small, but the entertainment value of these midget wrestlers is bigger than life!

And yet, they are human, too. Our midget wrestlers are very fan- and family-friendly, and will happily mix and mingle with your guests.

They will pose for pictures, sign autographs, and be happy to talk with you about life in the squared circle. Midget wrestling events are perfect for children’s birthday parties, adult birthday themes,

Also available for:

  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
  • Oompa Loompas
  • Sweet 16
  • Dancers
  • Relay Racing
  • Music Videos
  • Television
  • Elves
  • Plus many more themes