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BOOK MINI TRUMP 516-244-7045

BOOK MINI TRUMP 516-244-7045

About Us : Our New York City office sends dwarfs all over for birthdays and wild celebrations, our NYC clients just dont hire midget & dwarf tossing for events they also hire them for musicals and broadway shows so if you want a little person to put a smile on your face contact us today.
Party Services Include :
Our dwarfs along with helmet, secure vest, and a soft landing gear because safety is first with our company.
Local Rates & Packages : Our rates start off at $375 & up depending on city, event, and zip code (
New York Coverage New York City – Manhattan – Brooklyn – Querson – Huntington – Union – & All of New York

About Us : Our Las Vegas office is the busiest office in all of USA because everyone comes to sin city to party, spend money, and have a good time, customers usually order dwarf tossing for events or even in their hotel room because they can use a mattress as a landing spot for our midgets so if you need rates please